Custom Pet Portrait!

$45.00 - $100.00
  • Custom Pet Portrait!
  • Custom Pet Portrait!
  • Custom Pet Portrait!
  • Custom Pet Portrait!
  • Custom Pet Portrait!

Grab a custom portrait of your poodle (or pug or pig or any pet!)

This is a commission for a digital custom piece of art of your pet that you can print out as many times as you'd like and put the artwork on anything you'd like (e.g. canvas, paper, metal, stickers, shirts, mugs, etc.)

The black line drawings are fun and expressive interpretations of the photos you send in.

Once you purchase a commission, email your photo(s) as a response to your receipt email along with the name of your pet.

***Next Steps***

Send in as many pics as you'd like, and if you're ordering a commission with more than one pet in the image, please include at least one photo with them together so I can have an idea of their sizes in relation to each other.

Good things to consider when sending in reference photos include sending in pictures that show their full bodies and tails, or a few photos where I can get an idea of their tails, ears, bodies, fur patterns, and personality!

You will receive your new piece of art via email within 2 weeks from the day you send in reference photos.

The pics here give you an idea of the style your drawing will be in!

I'll send you a PDF and a PNG that you can print out crisply at any size up to 14 inches x 18 inches

If you need the PNG to have a transparent background for printing purposes, please let me know in your email! If you need a different file type (JPEG, TIFF, PSD) also let me know.

***Where to Print:***
-Home printer
-Local print shop
-Photo lab at pharmacies, Costco
-Copy center like Staples, Office Depot, Fedex, etc.
-Print on demand sites like Printify

(The images are for personal use only, not commercial use, there are no revisions.)